New Service

How to Establish New Water & Sewer Service

1.  Complete an application in person at Concordia City Hall, located at 701 Washington, Concordia, KS  66901.  You will need to provide a valid picture ID.  We accept Cash, Check, or Money Orders.


2.  Complete the application from the City of Concordia website and return it either in person, by mail, by fax at (785) 243-3328, or by email to If you are not in person, the application will need to be notarized or a valid photo ID be provided with the application. Payment must be received by the Utility Billing Department before we will establish service.  You may mail check to 701 Washington, Concordia, KS  66901, put in drop box in alley or pay online.  When you pay online please fill in the information and put DEPOSIT/CONNECT FEE in the account number box.  Please provide at least 48 hours from your starting date for service.  New service will not be provided on weekends.

Prior to the connection of water service to any premises, a rental customer shall pay a deposit in the amount of $100.00. The deposit shall be held and accounted for as required by K.S.A. 12-822 and any amendments thereto. At such time as the customer has completed 12 (twelve) consecutive months of payment for water and sewer service without delinquency, or the customer discontinues service, the deposit and any accrued interest shall be credited to his or her account. No new service connection shall be made until the Service Connection fee is paid. All homeowners or businesses are not required to pay a deposit. Be prepared to prove home ownership in order to waive the $100 deposit fee.

The INITIAL SERVICE CHARGE shall be as follows:  $20.00 for any new residential or commercial customer establishing an account; $20.00 for an established customer moving to another address. The service connection fee is non-refundable.

Ways to pay receipt

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The use of our Drop Box at the entrance of the alley is entirely FREE! We check it twice a day, Monday through Friday.

The city does not do curbside trash pickup. Every resident pays a fee for the county landfill. If you wish to have trash service at your residence, please call these companies:

Durflinger's Disposal      785-527-5219
Hale's Refuse                 785-439-6431