Water Rates

The following rates are hereby established and fixed for the consumption of water from the city's water system within the city's corporate limits:

 Gallons Used Per Month:  Price:
 First 1,500 gallons, min charge  17.00
 Next 15,000, per 1,000 gallons  3.86
 Next 60,000, per 1,000 gallons  3.58
 Next 75,000, per 1,000 gallons  2.89
 All over 151,500 gallons, per 1,000 gallons  2.51
To the consumers of water from the city's water system consumed outside of the corporate limits of the city from the city's water system, all rates shall be 50 percent greater than the rates set out in subsection (a) of this section for the consumers of water from the system within the corporate limits of the city.  For any part of a month less than 21 days, the charge shall be per day  1/20 of the monthly minimum.  A collection fee of $25.00 or 25 percent of the amount due, whichever is greater, shall be added to any utility account that is submitted for collection through the Kansas Setoff Program or any other collection process.
The monthly sewer charge for each customer who has received city water service during all of the first two metered months of the year shall be fixed starting April 1 of such year according to the following formula:  First, there shall be ascertained the aggregate water consumption for such customer as stated in the water bills dated in February and March of the current year, for which average water used is being calculated.  Such average water use shall be divided by two to obtain a monthly average water consumption for the two-month period.  Based on such monthly average water consumption, the monthly sewer service charge for that customer shall be as follows:

First 1,500 gallons   9.86
All over 1,500 gallons per 1,000 gal.  2.32

The sewer service charge for each customer who has not received city water service during all of the first two metered months of a calendar year shall be based on 75 percent of actual water consumption, when ascertained, the same rates for computing the sewer service charge shall apply and shall be the monthly sewer charge for that customer until April 1 in the next succeeding year.