Concordia's Wastewater Treatment Facilities History

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What Not To Flush

bbConcordia’s first wastewater treatment facilities were installed in 1954.  These units, located approximately one mile northeast of Concordia, consisted of one lift station, comminutor, primary clarifier and sludge digester with sludge drying beds.  The system provided primary treatment for the city.  Hydraulically, the system was adequate, but due to aging and the lack of secondary treatment, the treatment effectiveness did not meet any of the recently enacted State and Federal regulations.  The continued discharge of inadequately treated sewage to the Republican River posed a potential source of pollution to Milford Reservoir.  To achieve the required BOD and suspended solids level of treatment, it was determined that additional treatment capability must be provided. 

hhAfter a review of the City’s existing sanitary sewer system and treatment facilities regarding its adequacy to serve the present and future needs, infiltration / inflow problems, it was decided to build an Orbal Activated Sludge system in conjunction with sanitary sewer improvements.  The plan was the most cost effective alternative for meeting KDHE and Federal effluent guidelines. 


 In 1997 another plant upgrade was implemented to comply with ever tightening Federal and KDHE standards and to lower power consumption. A Propulsaire mixing system, an Aquionics UV disinfection system and an Excelsior blower system for the sludge digestor were some of the improvements that were made.


wwAs technologies and efficiencies improved, in 2003, it was determined that separating mixing and aeration would be much more energy and biologically efficient.  Landia mixers and Aqua-aerobic aeration systems were installed reducing the overall horsepower usage by over 50 %. 


The City is currently undergoing Phase 1 of a two-phase project to improve the plant even more, making it run more efficiently and meeting all KHDE standards.

Plant and city management are always on the look out for future trends in treatment and regulations so that the environment and the citizens of Concordia are protected in as safe and cost effective way as possible.  Tours available upon request.


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