2023 Comprehensive Plan Update

2023 Comprehensive Plan Update

Concordia Comprehensive Plan Update

One more week to provide input! Survey closes November 10th

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Progress Update

The planning team spent September and October gathering community input. The community survey was distributed on social media, at City Hall, and through the monthly water bill. Multiple listening sessions were also held to gather specific insights from the community. Finally, the first Plan Steering Committee meeting was held on October 24th. The steering committee will meet over the next several months to keep the planning team on track and provide insights into the communities’ priorities.

Plan development will continue through the winter with the next Plan Steering Committee meeting expected at the end of N

About the Update
The City of Concordia has launched an effort to update its Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is a community-driven document that sets a framework for future development in Concordia. It addresses topics such as land use, infrastructure, transportation, economic development, and cultural and arts amenities and serves as a guide for community leaders on development decisions.

Updating the Comprehensive Plan provides an opportunity for the City to adapt to evolving community needs and other changes at the local level and will establish a visioning tool and action plan for meeting the community’s development goals.

The plan will be comprised of an updated community profile, existing conditions report and future land use scenario.  Resident and stakeholder feedback will be compiled to establish a community vision and a list of goals and strategies for development as well as an implementation plan.

The Process
Updating the Plan will be a collaborative effort between the Concordia City Commission, Planning Commission, staff, and the community. Public Participation is an essential component of the Plan update, and the City will look to community members to provide critical input on future land use and development priorities. As part of this process, the City has launched a community survey where residents are encouraged to share their vision for Concordia. The survey will be open through October 31st. Complete the survey at: https://bit.ly/ConcordiaCompPlanSurvey

The City will also conduct stakeholder listening sessions, and residents will be invited to share their vision for the community at the 2023 Fall Festival.

Why Update the Plan?
Due to their broad scope and long range, Comprehensive Plans are intended to be living documents and should be reviewed and updated periodically. Ongoing monitoring of the plan ensures demographic, social, and economic conditions are up-to-date and current community goals are represented.

Existing Plans
Concordia’s current Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2011. In 2013, the City adopted an Airport Master Plan, and was an active participant in the 2022 Statewide Housing Needs Assessment. In addition to the City’s participation in state and regional housing efforts, Concordia partnered with CloudCorp, the Cloud County economic development corporation, in 2022 to conduct a local housing study and market analysis. The 2022 Concordia Housing Study and Market Analysis ensured accurate information and property planning tools were available to address a perceived housing shortage in the community.

This Comprehensive Plan update will build on previous long-range planning efforts to create an action plan for the community as it achieves its physical, social, and economic goals.

Project Kickoff- Fall 2023
Public Engagement and Plan Development- Fall and Winter 2023/2024

 More Information
For more information or questions about the Comprehensive Plan update, please contact Bruno Rehbein at bruno.rehbein@concordiaks.org or 785.243.2670.