Building & Zoning

Building & Zoning




  • Floodplain manager
  • Zoning enforcement
  • Nuisance abatement
  • Contractor licensing
  • Subdivision regulations


  1. Enforce building related codes, including but not limited to International Building, Fire, Mechanical, Plumbing and Residential codes, and the National Electric Code.
  2. Perform on-site inspection of footings, foundations, framing, electrical, plumbing, mechanical systems and construction for all necessary code fulfillments.
  3. Maintain records of building and inspection activity and complete related reports.
  4. Research problems and complaints regarding commercial and residential buildings, building construction and code compliance.
  5. Respond to complex and sensitive building issues.
  6. Assist in resolving complex and sensitive customer service issues, either personally, by telephone or in writing.
  7. Maintain records and documents of customer service issues and resolutions.
  8. Assist in administering the permitting function, including application processing, fee assessment and collection, and permit and certificates issuance.
  9. Explain, interpret and provide guidance regarding all applicable codes within areas of responsibility to architects, engineers, contractors, developers and other interested parties.

Other Functions

  1. Floodplain management.
  2. Nuisance abatement.
  3. Zoning enforcement.
  4. Assist the Building Code Board of Building Trades/Appeals, Planning Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals as needed, providing required/requested information.
  5. Review proposed developments for code compliance.


  • International Code Council Certifications held:
  • Building Inspector
  • Building Plans Examiner
  • Residential Combination Inspector
  • Electrical Inspector
  • Building Official
  • Association of State Floodplain Managers: Certified Floodplain Manager
  • Kansas Division of Emergency Management: Certified Kansas Disaster Assessment Inspector.


  • 40 plus years in the construction industry including residential, commercial, industrial and military projects in several States.
  • Certified inspector for 23 years.
  • City inspector for 21 years. Started September 23, 2000.
The challenge of my position requires me to be technically knowledgeable about the building, zoning and nuisance codes as well as being able to handle confrontation and communicate clearly with all personality types.

The most enjoyable part of my job is when I feel I educated someone on the significance of a regulation and they understand and accept it with gratitude. There is a lot of satisfaction for me when I am able to help someone understand the significance of a regulation and they are thankful for the information. Particularly among those who want to make informed decisions on developments, whether it be a small storage shed or a major development.

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